The Continuum Sports Story

Eleven years ago, while working track and field at The University of Florida, I became curious about an integrated model of sports therapy and training. Across much of the sports world, it appeared to me that coaches and the therapeutic team often operated in walled off units. Each one rarely thinking of the other. Often they were adversaries.

This led me to the concept of a continuum with sports therapy on one end and performance coaching on the other. They aren't separate disciplines; rather a blending of each other. Every athlete falls somewhere along that sliding scale in the interventions and techniques they need to help them fully succeed. Their position on that continuum often changes as seasons progress and skills are acquired.

While I'm now more often focused on performance training and helping athletes reach their highest goals, those therapeutic tricks and mindset are still the foundation of our training programs and form analysis. This means there's a focus on movement patterns, fundamental strength, body awareness, and injury prevention that backs up and supports all the miles we run and races we conquer.

-- Kyle O'Day


Kyle O'Day

A runner from age 12, Kyle has a long and deep dedication to researching and developing training programs to help athletes reach their full potential. With over 14 years of experience working with both elite and recreational athletes, he has developed a very diverse set of skills. 

After graduating from The University of Florida in exercise and sport science, Kyle went on to work at The University of Georgia, The University of Florida, and in Olympic level track and field.

Kyle has spent years working alongside some of the most well respected coaches and therapists in the world. This varied group of mentors allows him to approach each situation with both a therapeutic and performance coaching mindset. He is still actively consulting to the highest levels of NCAA and professional track and field.