Here's a list of frequently asked questions. Please contact us to get started or have any additional questions answered.


When and where are the training sessions?

     - We train every Tuesday and Thursday in Piedmont Park. Please contact us for further info on meet up point, times, and park details. 


What time do sessions start?

     - Generally speaking, we start at 6:25 am on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Start times are often slightly adjusted to account for weather, sunrise, and special events. There are a few weeks during the year where we may do evening sessions due to daylight savings time. Please contact us for further details on start times. 


How long do sessions last?

     - From warm up to cool down, most sessions last between 50 and 75 minutes. 


Can I just show up?

     - Please don't. Contact us first so we can talk through specifics and to make sure we are expecting you.


Where do we meet? Where do we park?

     - We have a regular meet up point near free public parking. Please contact us for more details. 


What are the Tuesday workouts like?

     - Tuesdays can be generally described as speed work sessions. This means runs done at quick pace with short, moderate, or zero rest. Workout variations include intervals, fartleks, and tempo runs. There will always be an option for you that takes into account your race distance and where you are in the season. 


What exactly are the Thursday workouts?

     - We start with running drills to help warm up and get the feel for the running technique we like to teach. After that comes mobility and power development exercises. This is followed by "strides," where we work on the form and rhythm of running. We then finish with 40 to 45 minute run easy run.


I'm not on a Continuum Sports training plan. Can I come but do my own workout?

     - On Thursdays, yes! If you want to join us for drills and strides and do a slightly different run on your own (before or after,) that is not a problem. 


What do I need to bring?

     - A watch, water, and shoes. That's it. You should be comfortable operating your watch. Ideally it has a backlight. 


What's the cost?

     - $50 / month for 1 session per week. $70 / month for 2 sessions per week. 


Can I try a session or two first?

     - Absolutely. Happy to have you test things out. Please contact us to set everything up. 


How long do I need to sign up for?

     - Payment is due during the first week of every month.  Your commitment is through the end of that month. Other than that, we have no contracts or minimum commitments. If, for some reason, we will have less than 2 practices per week during that month, rates are adjusted on a prorated basis. 


Are there discounts available? 

     - All sessions are done with a great detail of thought, detail, and foresight. We believe very strongly in the value of the service we provide and do not work on a discount model. For those under 30, we understand the challenges of being a student or young working professional. Please contact us for info on special rates. 


What if I'm injured / recovering from injury / out of shape?

     - We can help you progress back to fitness, but you should have 2 to 3 weeks of easy running in your legs before joining us.