***Thanks for visiting. We are currently on sabbatical and not offering Running Form Analysis and Group Training. Personal Coaching services are still available.***

If you are interested in form analysis or group training when we return, please fill out our Contact Us form under the Connect tab. We will be in touch when things resume.

Two key workouts to round out your training week

Speedwork Session - Tuesdays

  • All paces welcome

  • Workout options across all race distances and paces

  • Form instruction during workouts

  • Find another gear in a group setting


Form and Power Development - Thursdays

  • Designed to help you be a more powerful, efficient runner

  • Supervised runs focused on technique

  • Drills to improve strength and power

  • Runner specific mobility and form drills

Group sessions are included for all of our coached athletes. Non-coached athletes are welcome to come train with us.