Our Technology:

  • 11 different cameras in the lab, including high speed video.

  • An optical timing system that allows us to gather very precise data on cadence, stride length, contact time, flight time, phases of foot strike, and bilateral symmetry. Combining this technology with video analysis allows us to do a very detailed evaluation.

  • Motion analysis with Dartfish video software.

  • Monitors in front of the treadmill that give you real time feedback. These are especially beneficial when it comes time to teach corrections.



Pricing / Sessions:

  • Everything in the lab is done at a rate of $100 / hr. To make some good gains, we usually need 3.5 to 4 hours of work spread out over 3-4 sessions. We typically distribute those sessions over 5-6 weeks, but can adjust that time frame if needed.

  • Our running form analysis includes:

    • initial consult and capture

    • subjective and objective analysis

    • clinical evaluation

    • corrective sessions

    • take-home cues, drills, and exercises
  • The clinical evaluation is done so we can prescribe any needed corrective exercises, drills, or stretches that will help with your running or aid our form corrections.

  • Running lab sessions are available Sunday through Thursday, 8 AM to 6 PM.

  • After the initial 3 to 4 sessions, many people choose to continue with more form sessions, do yearly form "check ups," or join our coaching and training programs.