Here's a list of frequently asked questions. Please contact us to get started or have any additional questions answered.


What's included?

       - The following are included in our personalized coaching program: Your individualized training program, a Training Peaks subscription, 2 group workouts per week, and communication via phone, email, and text. In addition, when starting with new athletes, we do an initial consultation and planning session. This one to two hour meeting covers current training, previous experience, injury history, scheduling preferences, and other areas that are relevant to us writing workouts that best suit your fitness and goals.


What's not included? 

     - Any individual sessions you choose to do (individual strength training, form work, exercise testing) are not part of the monthly fee. These additional sessions are done at a rate of $75 / hour, which is a 25% discount. 


How does pricing work? 

     - Our personal coaching option is done at a rate of $240 per month. This includes your training program, a Training Peaks subscription, 2 group workouts per week, and communication via phone, email, and text. For those under 30 years old, please see our "discounts" section below regarding pricing for you. 


How long do I need to sign up for?

     - We have no contracts or minimum commitments. Most of our athletes start preparing 6 to 9 months before their goal races. However, we can prepare on shorter training periods. Many train year round and we adjust programs from race to race and year to year. 


Are there discounts available? 

     - All training programs are done with a great detail of thought, detail, and foresight. We believe very strongly in the value of the service we provide and do not work on a discount model. For those under 30, we understand the challenges of being a student or young working professional. Please contact us for info on special rates. 


How will we communicate / interact / stay in touch? 

     - All workouts are delivered through a web based application called Training Peaks ( Day to day communication is largely based on what's most convenient for each athlete. Phone, email, and text are all available. Weekend communications are usually prioritized towards athletes racing that weekend. There is also an opportunity for face to face interaction during our group training sessions on Tuesday and Thursday mornings. 


How often do you write training?

     - Training is usually written in 7 to 10 day blocks. Workouts will appear in your Training Peaks account every Monday or Tuesday and they will carry you through to the Tuesday of the following week. Athletes are encouraged to reach out proactively about upcoming travel or training interruptions so we can plan around those as needed. 


I travel a lot. Is that a problem? 

     - Nope! Frequent travel is not a problem. We usually do our best to work around travel and busy days. Relaxed days or days at home tend to be where we get more productive training in. They key is effective communication about upcoming trips and expected limitations. 


All I want is a training program. Can you just write me a plan?

     - We do not write static training programs. We use dynamic programs because they lead to higher quality training, more consistent communication, and a greater ability to adjust to unforeseen training interruptions. 


Do you include strength training? 

     - Absolutely. Strength training is a critical part of being an athletic, healthy runner. Strength and mobility work are written into the training based on your experience, your movement patterns, and equipment available to you. We use our new athlete screening as well as Tuesday / Thursday meetings to determine the best exercises to incorporate into your strength program. 


What equipment do I need?

     - Just a pair of running shoes! A watch with basic GPS and heart rate features is recommended, but not required. These tools help us customize your training with a high degree of detail. 


Do you do heart rate training? 

     - Yes, we can. To effectively determine heart rate zones, we first need to do a lactate threshold test (testing fee extra.) It is not required though. It is possible to train effectively without lactate testing. Even without testing, your individual heart rate trends and patterns are taken into consideration as we accumulate enough data.


I'm prone to injuries. Can you help me? 

     - We think our sports medicine background, focus on running form, and partnerships with excellent therapists in the area help those who have been chronically injured. Please remember, returning from injury requires gradual progression and long term planning. It's never something that's rushed. 


Can you help me qualify for The Boston Marathon? 

     - Maybe :)   We frequently get asked to help people qualify for certain races. We are happy to help as long as all involved have partnered to create attainable goals to be achieved over a realistic time frame. We do usually send multiple participants to Boston on a yearly basis. 


Do I have to race?

     - Nope. We have some people who just train, racing sparingly or never. 


How many days per week / miles per week do I need to run? 

     - All programs are written on an individualized basis. We largely base these factors on the distance you are preparing for, personal history, goals, available time, and your ability to tolerate training. 


Can I participate in the group workouts even if I'm not a coached athlete? 

     - Yes, we do allow non-coached athletes to joins for our Tuesday / Thursday workouts. You can find more info here